Interior Design Trends of 2015

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A new year means a fresh start, and what better way to kick off 2014 than by updating the look of your home. All it takes are a few simple changes to breathe life into familiar spaces. This year’s interior design trends are all about creating dramatic impact from simplicity, because the looks are simultaneously more bold and more accessible than ever before. We’ve carefully chosen 10 of the most prominent trends for you to try. Not cheesy, not overdone, these trends are sophisticated enough to stick around for a long time to come.

1. Saturated colors

Leave gray, beige and greige in the rearview mirror in favor of deeply-saturated hues like navy and plum. In fact, navy is considered a new neutral for its ability to blend with other colors and styles. If a darker shade on the wall seems too scary, start with a piece of furniture like a sofa or sectional as your focal point and work from there.

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2. Rich fabrics

Leave behind simple cottons and linens and embrace the luxurious velvet, earthy suede and even textured corduroy. These fabrics are sophisticated yet durable, and can hold up to the darker color schemes popular for 2014.

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3. Modern takes on classic patterns

Floral patterns are in and always will be—just not your grandma’s florals. House Beautiful suggests taking a bold approach, mixing patterns to modernize the overall look. Shop for funky takes on classic chintz and toile to keep things fresh.

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4. High style at low prices

Haute design trends have never been more affordable, thanks to retail innovations including collaborations with famous designers. Stores like Target have upped the ante by providing affordable trends to the masses while they’re still “au courant”. Now, even non-designers are totally in the know.

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5. Goodbye matchy-matchy

Armed with more availability and knowledge of design trends than ever before, 2014 consumers can take bigger risks. We all know that harmonious colors don’t have to match, and the same goes for pattern finishes. Don’t be afraid to bring different colors, textures and finishes into your space. You’ll be surprised at how far you can push the boundaries and still create a cohesive look


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6. Think outside the style box

The confidence to try bold trends and mix finishes means a broader interpretation of design styles. There is no longer a need to place styles in fixed categories like “traditional”, “rustic”, “industrial” or “country.” Homes in 2014 will represent an eclectic array of stylistic influences. Picking items that speak to you individually will keep you from conforming to a rigid or overdone look.

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7. Meaningful accessories

Less is more when it comes to decorative objects around the house. 2014 will leave behind kitschy, purposeless accessories. Choose objects, artwork and photos with personal significance to keep your decorative collection from getting out of hand.

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8. Sculptural artwork

Branch out beyond framed prints and make your 2014 art collection stand out. Sculptural pieces add dimensionality to your walls. A range of materials and textures like felt, horn, ceramic and even macramé create unique focal points and conversation topics.

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9. Natural elements

Natural materials are incorporated not just into wall art, but fabrics and furnishings, too. Cowhide is making a big appearance in the textile realm in a variety of colors and applications.

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10. Light-toned wood

For many years, dark tones like mahogany and cherry dominated the wood furniture market. This year caramel and honey tones will take the spotlight. The softer look blends with any design style and keeps furnishings from feeling heavy or fussy.

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