Easy Steps To Turn A Boring Bookcase Into A Beautiful Statement Piece

A well thought-out bookcase can be a beautiful design element that brings warmth, character and personality into your home. But how do we turn our lifeless library walls into stylish statement pieces? In the below descriptions, interior designer Nate Berkus shares his timeless tips on how to arrange a bookshelf like a pro.

Books Should Go In Different DirectionsBerkus likes to separate books into small piles and stack some vertically and others horizontally. "Also, think about the back of the bookshelves," he advises. If you have a favourite book with a decorative colour, lean it against the back of the bookcase with the cover facing out so you can enjoy the artwork.

Treat Each Shelf Like A DisplayBerkus believes that each shelf should tell a story. Pay attention to texture and shape, he says. A woven basket and set of curvy vases make for great shelf d├ęcor. Berkus also loves using small, decorative boxes to fill up a bookshelf. "You can actually hide stuff inside them, so you can store stuff out of sight."

Add Personal Touches"Bookshelves are not just for books," Berkus says. On his shelves, Berkus has framed family photos, a piece of coral bought at a flea market, a small figurine brought back from vacation, and some hidden treasures picked up a garage sale.
"This makes the book shelves look much more lived in and much prettier than just a bunch of books," Berkus says. "It might take you a little effort, but the effort is well worth it."